Four SC Military Generals Ask 2nd District Congressional Candidate Rob Miller To Return $370,000+ in Money


(Columbia, SC – August 1, 2010) Four retired South Carolina Army National Guard generals today released the following letter. It is being sent to newspapers around the Second Congressional District.
“Dear Editor:
“When a candidate seeks to serve in the United States Congress, it is important that the people he wants to represent know the source of his campaign funding.

Democrat Rob Miller is trying for the second time to be elected to Congress from the Second Congressional District. As military generals, we are disturbed by an extremist organization that has channeled a significant amount of money into his campaign. has directed more than $370,000 from liberal donors around the country and sent it to Rob Miller.

“This is offensive to all South Carolinians because slandered the honor and integrity of General David Petraeus.
“Back in 2007, as he was about to begin Senate confirmation hearings on his appointment to command U.S. Forces in Iraq, produced an infamous advertisement with a banner headline asking “General Petraeus or General Betray Us?”

“That ad was universally denounced as grossly unfair and deeply offensive; yet was so proud of it, they kept it posted on their website until just a few weeks ago.
“The same General Petraeus that attacked in order to advance their radical liberal agenda went on to do what some people once thought impossible: he oversaw the dramatic decrease in the violence that terrorized Iraq for years, and that claimed so many American lives. General Petraeus was so successful in accomplishing his mission that President Obama selected General Petraeus to command U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Now, as he directs efforts to rid that country of Taliban insurgents, he is bringing the same “can do” attitude he displayed in Iraq. He recently told reporters, “We are in this to win.”
“Like all Americans, we want to see the fighting in Afghanistan successfully concluded and our men and women in uniform return home. Until then, it is reassuring to know that our forces are being led by a commander of General David Petraeus’ caliber. Just imagine how different things would be today if the defeatists at had their way back in 2007.
“Most of us learned as children “You can judge someone by the company they keep.” This is especially true in politics. By accepting more than one-third of a million dollars from, Rob Miller has said, “I proudly stand alongside these people.”

“That is just plain wrong.

“As general officers, we are offended by a group that dragged our fellow officer’s good name through the mud to serve their own ends. We are offended by a candidate for public office who has no trouble taking serious money from that kind of group.

“Rob Miller frequently tells voters that he is a military veteran. When America called, he answered. Now it’s time for Rob Miller to answer to his conscience. It’s time for Rob Miller to do the right thing and repudiate We formally ask him to disassociate himself from and return every penny of the more than 370-thousand dollars it channeled to him.

“You have a choice, Mr. Miller. Keep the money and your association with liberal extremists, or do the right thing, give back the money, cut your ties with, and make us all proud.

“South Carolinians are waiting to see which choice you will make.


Major General Darwin H. Simpson (retired)

South Carolina Army National Guard
Spartanburg, SC

“Major General Harry Burchstead (retired)

South Carolina Army National Guard
Sumter, SC
“Brigadier William G. Butts, Jr. (retired)
South Carolina Army National Guard
Westminster, SC
Brigadier General Hoyt Thompson (retired)
South Carolina Army National Guard
Easley, SC”

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