Hillary being primed for 2012 Run by Democratic Party, Biden Out?

Right now, Joe Biden is sitting in a chair somewhere, perhaps sipping a glass of wine and enjoying the company of the Cartoon Network’s prime time programming. Seemingly delightfully oblivious to the position he’s in, Joe has become the unwitting scapegoat to the problems of the Obama administration. That is, after Obama has been blamed of course.

So in their scramble to keep a good face on the party, the Democratic liberals are already propping up Hillary Clinton to replace Biden on the 2012 ticket, whether she knows it or not. While no official comment has come from her camp, the Democratic party is nonetheless priming her for a 2012 run, hoping to pull in the same working class votes that supported her in the 2008 election.

Meanwhile, the Republican party is probably already hard at work stacking up the “evidence” to oust Obama and the Democrats from the White House. Their attack will be clear, focusing on jobs and healthcare, bailouts and the economy. They are going to focus on Obama’s lack of experience and age. Even though he’s going gray for the fall.

John Heilemann of New York magazine agrees, saying, “The Republican attack on Obama is going to revolve around ‘too liberal,’ but also ‘too incompetent.’ . . . They’re going to say, ‘Look, you hired this guy. He was too young for this job. He didn’t know what he was doing. He didn’t have the experience, and look what’s happened.’”

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