Note to Right-wing bloggers, Talk Show Hosts, don't threaten to kill Federal Judges

This lands in the incredibly stupid file.  Threatening to kill Federal Judges doesn’t help gun rights and could land you in jail.
A federal jury in New York Friday convicted right-wing Internet talk show host Hal Turner of threatening three federal judges.

Turner, 48, of North Bergen, N.J., faces as much as 10 years in prison for threatening to assault of kill he judges over their ruling in a case involving a legal ban on handguns.
Turner — whose two previous trials in the matter ended in mistrial — had worked with the FBI in the past, with agents encouraging him to use strong language on the air in hopes of identifying white supremacists, The New York Times reported. Turner’s lawyer, Peter Kirchheimer, argued that agents had assured Turner he could not get in trouble as long as no one got hurt because his speech was protected under the First Amendment, the newspaper said.
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