2010 Arizona election results


The challenge from J.D. Hayworth has forced Mr. McCain to move to the right of his previous positions on immigration, social issues and fiscal affairs.

via A Guide to Tuesday Night’s Primary Results – The Caucus Blog – NYTimes.com.

Senator John McCain, a Republican who is seeking a fifth term, is looking for a victory that would – in part, at least – serve as a bit of vindication over his stinging defeat two years ago in the presidential race against Barack Obama. Mr. McCain has spent more than $20 million in his race against J.D. Hayworth, a former congressman from Arizona, but seems to have solidified an edge that only a few months ago seemed unlikely.

Still, with voter turnout expected to be low in Arizona, will the margin be as wide as some polls have suggested?

Ben Quayle, the son of former Vice President Dan Quayle, will learn his fate in the Republican primary race for the 3rd Congressional District. It would be tempting to read too much into the outcome of this contest, particularly given the year’s shorthanded establishment vs. insurgent narrative. Mr. Quayle has taken an aggressive stance against President Obama, calling him the worst president ever, but his youthful travails – writing for a pornography Web site, for starters – have also been an issue and voters have a long list of candidates to consider, including Pamela Gorman, another leading contender.

And what about Gov. Jan Brewer? Not only is she poised to win the Republican nomination, the chatter of her being ripe for a Democratic knockout in November has all but gone away, given her newfound popularity over the state’s immigration law.

Hot Races
Governor (REP) (Vote For 1)
19.4% of Precincts Reporting
(435 of 2239 Precincts)

Total Number of Votes Percent
BREWER, JAN – R 283307 82.0
MILLS, BUZ – R 30731 8.9
MARTIN, DEAN – R 19842 5.7
JETTE, MATTHEW – R 11473 3.3

U.S. Rep. in Congress – Dist. 3 (REP) (Vote For 1)
11.6% of Precincts Reporting
(29 of 249 Precincts)

Total Number of Votes Percent
QUAYLE, BEN – R 9676 22.2
WARING, JIM – R 8319 19.1
MOAK, STEVE – R 7883 18.1
PARKER, VERNON B. – R 6893 15.8
MORRIS, PAULINA – R 3524 8.1
GORMAN, PAMELA – R 3093 7.1
CRUMP, SAM – R 2341 5.4
WINKLER, ED – R 716 1.6
BRANCH, BOB – R 562 1.3
HULL, LEANN – R 533 1.2

U.S. Senator (REP) (Vote For 1)
19.4% of Precincts Reporting
(435 of 2239 Precincts)

Total Number of Votes Percent
MCCAIN, JOHN – R 205340 58.8
HAYWORTH, J.D. – R 104129 29.8
DEAKIN, JIM – R 39881 11.4

Results showing 100% of precincts reporting may still be undecided due to ongoing tabulation of early voting ballots.

Election numbers are still coming in, please click here for results.  We will up date as data comes in. Arizona election results – Phoenix elections results – azcentral.com.

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