Florida Election Results

Florida Election Results | Meek Crist and Rubio

will be Facing Off for the U.S. Senate
Projections over, Rep. Kendrick Meek along with Independent Charlie Crist, will be facing Republican Candidate Rubio in November for the U.S. Senate seat.

Rep. Kendrick Meek, the obvious favorite and only choice to help bring Florida out of the worst unemployment crisis it has seen in decades. With all the challenges that face Kendrick, his experience as a Representative gives this candidate the edge over Rubio or Crist.

Charlie Criss, the former Republican Governor of Florida, running as an Independent, would be Florida’s obvious second choice for representing a state given the commonsense to abandon a political party that has for nearly 10 years, has abandoned America’s working class.

While the Republican primary winner has spoken out stating “both sides” of the aisle are responsible for the current economic crisis, everyone knows Rubio will be nothing more than another Republican Robot in place to back the party of “NO.”

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