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Recently, the millionaires’ club known as the US senate voted to cut off unemployment benefits for millions of Americans. One senator called unemployment insurance a “necessary evil”.

He got that half right.
Do any of these fat cats know what it’s like to be unemployed? To not know how you will feed your children and pay your mortgage?
I’m unemployed, and, if elected, I can teach the Harvard rich kids in the White House and the senate a thing or two. I will vote for any law and propose any measure to keep jobs in my state of South Carolina. I will vote for huge tariffs, and, if necessary, vote to ban imports of foreign goods. Millionaire egghead politicians in the pocket of big business talk about “free trade” – and let all of your jobs get shipped overseas.
No more free trade. Your job is not going to Indonesia.
I will stop house foreclosures. Big banks got their bailout. Their debt was forgiven – and you paid for it. Their executives got million-dollar bonuses.
Did they forgive your debt? Did you get a bonus?
Remember the parable of the unmerciful servant: a servant owed the king a large sum, and the king forgave him his debt. But then the servant went to another man who owed him a small amount. The man couldn’t pay, so the servant had him thrown into prison. When the king found out, he said, “I canceled all that debt of yours because you begged me to. Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?” Then the king had the servant tortured until he paid back all he owed.
I will break up the big banks. I will put them out in the street, just as they want to put you out in the street. Those bankers who committed fraud will do hard time.
I will stop debt collectors from calling you. I will make it illegal for a company to sell a debt you have for purposes of collection. You and your family have dignity: you are not cattle to be sold back and forth in the debt marketplace. You know how horrible it is to have those vampires calling you, again and again and again.
I will shut down payday lenders who are sucking you dry.
In America, if you lose your job, and you get sick, you go broke or you die. This happens in no other civilised country. The stories that socialised medicine does not work are lies. Pick your system – Austria, Britain or Canada – but we must have universal health insurance. Healthcare, for free, for everyone.
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