Top Myth Exposed On Illegal Immigration

Shattering the myth that most illegal immigrants are of an innocent “benign class” who just want a better life, research now exposes a very different reality. We now know that most illegal aliens who come the US to “simply work” are also “simply felony perpetrators” under both federal and state laws.
The under reported reality is, in almost every case, the illegal immigrant has committed one or more felonies or misdemeanors (or both) in order to arrive in the US unlawfully, secure false identification or work authorization, or other unlawfully gained benefits.

Most Americans do not know it is a serious crime to falsify US citizen claim. It is a federal felony under US Code 1028A, a crime that nearly all illegal aliens have committed.
In 1986 Congress made it illegal to work in the US without authorization or US citizenship. The act required all employers to ensure their employees were fully documented as proof of compliance. Since then, anyone working in the US unlawfully has done so by violating several laws, many of which are classified as either state or federal felonies. Typical crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants working in the US include:
• False US citizenship claim and perjury
• Document forgery (2 items of ID per person, or two violations of law)
• Identity theft (knowingly or unknowingly using another person’s name, SS#, or other unique identifier)
• Using fraudulent or forged documents (1 violation of law per job held)
• Attempted use of forged documents (when denied employment, banking, etc.)
• Money instrument fraud (cashing checks or money orders under a false name)
• Working for cash (non-payroll tax evasion)
• Working for cash (income tax evasion)
• And the list goes….
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