Liberal Laughs: Obama Created More Jobs In 2010 Than Bush Did In Eight Years

Seems this is a Dem talking point that has been making the rounds for a few months.  It is now part of the Jobs talking points that lead folks to believe a higher unemployment rate really doesn’t equate to less job creation

Dem rep: Obama will create more jobs in 2010 than entire Bush presidency

Obama administration would create as many jobs in 2010 as during “the entire Bush presidency,”

via Hot Air » Dem rep: Obama will create more jobs in 2010 than entire Bush presidency.

Mark Shields on Friday demonstrated just how far a liberal media member is willing to go to support President Obama and the Democrat Party.

Appearing on PBS’s “Inside Washington,” Shields actually made the case that despite a 9.6 percent unemployment rate, and growing fears of a double dip recession, Americans should be uplifted by the fact that more private sector jobs have been created this year than during the entire Bush administration.

Showing just how adept he is at repeating Democrat talking points, Shields even said this with a straight face (video follows with transcript and commentary):

MARK SHIELDS: I think the President’s task right now is compared to the situation the nation is comparable to a subway train that has stopped suddenly between two scheduled stops and the lights go out. And what the American people are looking for just as the passengers on that train are looking for is a voice that comes on and says, “This is what happened, this is what’s being done about it, and this when we are going to get out.” And, I mean, just the simple fact that more jobs in the private sector have been created in this year, 2010, this terrible year, then were created in the eight years of George W. Bush’s administration is something to think about and to mention.

To paraphrase Hillary Clinton, any American buying this nonsense would have to have a willing suspension of disbelief.

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