Pelosi, Reid, and Schumer received more lobbyist cash then Boehner

I see the latest White House and Dem Talking points is to point out that minority leader Boehner, if he becomes the Majority leader, would be beholden to lobbyist and special interests.  Some left leaning commentators are making snide remarks about Boehner handing out big tobacco checks on the house floor, an allegation that has no basis in truth.
Ed over at HotAir picked up on the newest attacks and let folks know the truth.  Speaker Pelosi has taken in double the Lobbyist cash then did the Minority leader.  In addition,  The current occupant of the White House has a wide range of Wall Street execs on his staff . So who is beholden to who?

The White House eagerly tweeted the link to a New York Times hit piece on John Boehner that accused him of taking in loads of lobbyist cash.  They called his connections to lobbyists “especially deep” — but not, apparently, if one compares them to current Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate.  As Timothy Carney reports for the Washington Examiner, not only has Nancy Pelosi taken in twice as much lobbyist cash in this election as Boehner, but Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have collected more in the last six months than Boehner has in six elections:
Here’s what they mean: from 1999 until today, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Boehner has raised $299,490 from lobbyists.
For comparison, Harry Reid, Blanche Lincoln, and Chuck Schumer have each raised more money from lobbyists in this cycle alone.
This election cycle, Boehner is not even in the top 20 recipients of lobbyist cash. He’s raised less than $40,000 from lobbyists this cycle — compared to Nancy Pelosi’s $71,000 from lobbyists.
This isn’t the first time that the Gray Lady has worked as an arm of the Democratic Party.  Don’t forget their attempt to smear John McCain with allegations of marital infidelity just as he wrapped up the Republican nomination for President.  The newspaper’s public editor ended up scolding the Times and its editors for publishing a hack job based on unsupported allegations from disgruntled former staffers.  It wasn’t their only effort at tilting the election, either:

via Hot Air » Pelosi took in twice as much lobbyist cash as Boehner.

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