South Carolina 2nd congressional district military veterans start ad war

Congressman Joe Wilson received national attention earlier this year when he shouted, “You Lie” during President Obama’s State of the Union Address. Following that outburst a rather under the wire congressman was in the spot light.

Soon after, tens of thousands of dollars where given to his opponent, Democrat Rob Miller to defeat Wilson. After Republicans got wind of the mass donations to Miller, Wilson began receiving donations from all over the country as well. When it was over, both candidates had more than a million dollars each for their campaigns.
A war, if you will, of sorts, took place between the two candidates early on. One side wanting to rid itself of a disrespectful incumbent and to replace him with a younger Iraqi war officer. And the other wanting to hold on to a leader who is willing to speak out against an over zealous executive.
With unemployment as the number one issue voters want addressed, Congressman Wilson dawned a worker uniform along with a name tag and a hard hat and had commercial shoots throughout the district. The shoots depict him as engaged on various job sites as though he were a foreman. The tag line of the commercials was, “Joe means Jobs”.
Rob Miller had less name recognition then the incumbent Wilson, so he began with a, “get to know me” type commercial. The commercial showed Miller in combat gear and short interviews with soldiers he led into battle in Iraq. Emphasis was on his ability to lead in difficult situations. Implying that if Captain Miller could lead us into battle, he can lead in Congress.
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