White House talking points attack Mitch McConnell as deficit fraud

In a sign of just how intense this battle has become, the White House immediately circulated talking points on the Hill and to outside allies instructing them to hammer McConnell over the new report:

* Today’s Washington Post provides further evidence that the Republican Party, after turning a record surplus under President Clinton into record deficits, still cannot be trusted to come up with a serious solution to control spending and reduce the nation’s deficit. Instead, the only thing they’re willing to offer are the same failed economic policies that created the mess we’re in.
* Outlining Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s tax plan, the paper finds that his call to permanently extend the Bush tax cuts for America’s millionaires and billionaires would nearly double the projected deficit by adding $4 trillion to it over the next decade. And they’re pretending that they would pay for it through a projected spending freeze, that fails to mention what they would freeze or cut, and that would only save $300 billion over that same period of time….
* Unfortunately, this lack of seriousness shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone…Are these really the people we want to put in charge of our economy?

The problem for the White House and Dems, of course, is that an uncomfortably high number of people have begun answering Yes to that last question. And some polls show more trust in the GOP on the deficit.
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