Kirsten Gillibrand 'hottest' senator, Coons 'my pet', What is Harry Reid thinking?

What’s up with Harry Reid? The Senate majority leader lately has been saying stuff about other Democrats that he means as compliments but come across as kind of, well, off. Cringe-inducing, in a mild sort of way.

In the latest such gaffelette, Senator Reid, speaking in New York City at a fundraiser hosted by Mayor Bloomberg, referred to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D) of New York as “the hottest member” of the Senate. Senator Gillibrand, who was there, turned red at this remark, according to Politico, which broke the story.

To be fair, Gillibrand in the past has made the “Most Beautiful” list of The Hill, a Congress-oriented newspaper. And Reid did go on to discuss Gillibrand’s depth of knowledge about securities law.

(Hmm. Fundraiser. New York. Brings up securities. Maybe some of the people there were … Wall Street bankers?)

This comment follows last week’s “pet” remark. If you didn’t hear about that one, last Wednesday Reid referred to the Democratic candidate for Delaware’s open Senate seat, Chris Coons, as “my pet” and “my favorite candidate” – something GOP candidate Christine O’Donnell could use against him in the fall.

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