Coup in Democratic Party over who will be House speaker: Skelton or Pelosi

The chances of the Democratic party retaining the House of Representatives is about 1 in 3 according to polls.  Even so,  folks in the the conservative wing of the Democratic party don’t think Nancy Pelosi represents their values.  Some say that if the House remains in the hands of the Democratic party, Pelosi should be out and Ike Skelton should be in.

If Rep. Gene Taylor had his way, Rep. Ike Skelton would replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker next year.
Taylor told The Hill that he’d like to see Skelton, a Missouri Democrat and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, succeed Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) if Democrats retain a slimmer hold on the House after the November elections.

Taylor’s suggestion reflects a broader sentiment among conservative Democrats that Pelosi is too liberal and indicates she may not win unanimous support from the caucus in 2011, as she did in 2007 and 2009. A number of House Democrats in tight re-election battles, including Reps. Bobby Bright (Ala.), Walt Minnick (Idaho), and Chet Edwards (Texas), have not committed to voting for Pelosi as Speaker.
“My ideal candidate for Speaker would be Ike Skelton,” Taylor said in an interview.
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