2010 Census: South, West will Gain House Seats and Electroral Votes

The report below has huge implications for the GOP in 2012.  Electoral Vote adds in South and West, Loses in the North-East and Mid-West
The new analysis uses population estimates from a private demographics company and was released in conjunction with a Rhode Island meeting over the weekend and on Monday of state lawmakers from around the nation who will ultimately be figuring out the best ways to remap their states.

According to Election Data Services, winners in the reapportionment competition are likely to come in the West and South: Arizona, Florida (two new seats), Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas (four new seats), Utah and Washington.
The predicted losers: Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York (two fewer seats), Ohio (two fewer seats) and Pennsylvania.
All that said, there are lots of unknowns ahead – including how military families now living overseas could affect the numbers. Given Afghanistan and Iraq, Mr. Brace noted, those additions could be more significant that they were, say, ten years ago. He said that means the final counts for 16 states – especially – could prove operative because all are relatively close to the edge of either gaining or losing a seat.
via Winners and Losers in Reapportionment Are Predicted – NYTimes.com.