Tired of the Name calling – View of the World Through Christian Conservative Lenses

OP-ED by Kathryn L. Milliron
Okay, if you’re like me, you are completely tired of all of the name calling and put downs that have been hurled at conservatives and independents in recent days. And I want to set a few things straight on behalf of a whole lot of the normal, average, everyday people living in the US.

1. Stop calling me racist if I don’t believe in the policies of President Obama and his administration. Just because I don’t agree, does NOT make me a racist. If I don’t like spinach, does that make me a veggist? If I don’t like Lady Gaga, does that make me a Gagaist? If I don’t like cleaning toilets, does that make me a toilist? NO! I simply don’t like these things. That’s my choice in life. I don’t care what color skin someone has. If someone were white and held the same views, I would still not agree with them. Stop making it a race issue.
2. Along the lines of #1: I am not stupid or mentally ill because I disagree with your viewpoint. I am reasonable intelligent and can think for myself. I base my decisions on the values that are important to me. Values are good….you should try them out sometime. And by the way, I don’t feel the need to call you names continuously simply because I don’t agree with you. I respect your right to have those viewpoints and express them. The Constitution guarantees it. Respect my rights.
3. If something is illegal and there is a law against it……then people breaking that law need to be dealt with. Take for instance illegal immigrants. I’m sorry that people have had a difficult times in their own countries. But if enough people in those countries were empowered to make changes to their governments, then they could make the changes there, instead of coming here to the US and trying to change the rules to fit them here. I’m sorry, I have to show my identification if I’m pulled over. I have to show ID for pretty much everything that I do. It is not the holocaust reincarnated. To refresh your memory, the Nazis were killing those people after viewing their IDs, not deporting them, arresting them or sending them on their way.
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