‘One Nation’ Rally Greatly Resembled MLK’s ‘Dream Speech’ Crowd

“One Nation Working Together” would like to thank everybody who attended Saturday’s “trash-a-palooza” rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

What a scene it was:

That looks like a crowd similar to those who attended MLK’s “I have a dream” speech:
nullLook at the positioning of some of the people on the near-side of the reflecting pool in the “One Nation” picture vs. the MLK speech photo:
nullMy God, do you know what this means? It means a lot of the same people who attended Dr. King’s speech “dream” speech were so moved by the goals and visions of the “One Nation” rally that they decided to show up and stand in the exact same positions they did in 1963! What a tribute! If that doesn’t give you a lump in your throat, nothing will.
Seriously, imagine the outrage if Glenn Beck used a shot of the MLK speech and even remotely implied it was taken at his 8/28 rally. He didn’t have to though — but I guess that’s the point.
via Michelle Malkin » ‘One Nation’ Rally Greatly Resembled MLK’s ‘Dream Speech’ Crowd.

The OneNation website has since changed the photo to

What is interesting is that the One Nation promoters are saying that it had 150-200 thousand there.  The same folks who said that Beck had 87,000 or less.  You be the judge with a photo comparison.  Others say, “numbers don’t matter”.  Then what is the reason the were so consumed with underestimating the Beck rally numbers?

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