Democrat Slaps Black Republican During Debate (Video)

Dem Rep. Ed Perlmutter slapped GOP challenger Ryan Frazier, a veteran, during their debate while arguing over Obamacare.
Via Jammie Wearing Fool:
Michael Sadoval at NRO reported on the incident:
Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter and GOP challenger Ryan Frazier verbally sparred over many issues, from energy and taxes to foreign policy and the national debt. But it was during an exchange over health care, and the health care bill itself, that Perlmutter swats Frazier’s hand. Frazier quickly responded and Perlmutter apologized immediately:
“Ed, don’t hit me man, come on!” said Frazier.
You can help Ryan Frazier defeat this liberal thug by donating to his campaign here.
via Gateway Pundit.