Black GOP Candidates Poised to Score Historic Election Victory

In an earlier story we had mentioned that there were 32 African-Americans running under the Republican Banner during the 2010 Primary.
Although Most of the News has been about Florida’s Allen West and South Carolina’s Tim Scott, there are  12 other  black GOP candidates looking to make history in this year’s midterms.  Despite being called a racist group from the left, many of these candidates were enforced by the local Tea Party

  • Charlotte Bergmann, Tenn.-9 — Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen is in such a safe district that Bergmann’s campaign slogan is “Charlotte Bergmann Can Win.” She has been demanding that Cohen debate her, but so far he’s turned a cold shoulder to those entreaties, apparently sensing his best chance of surviving a wave election is to ignore her existence. Bergmann is owner of a Memphis-based marketing firm, Effective PMP, LLC. In 2003, she was named Tennessee Business Woman of the Year.
  • Robert Broadus, Md.-4 — A small-business leader and Naval Academy graduate, Broadus has written that, as a young person growing up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., he was taught that all Republicans were racists. But his interest in politics motivated him to learn and decide for himself. Over time, he says, he came to conclude that Republicans historically have done more to promote freedom and liberty than Democrats.
  • Stephen Broden, Texas-30 — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has called it “an honor” to endorse Broden, who has pastored a church in the Dallas area for over 20 years. Broden’s campaign has won national attention, with other endorsements coming from Rep. Pete Sessions and Rep. Jeb Hensarling, among others. Broden is a passionate defender of conservative principles and limited government, which he identifies as the key to American greatness. Broden’s opponent is Eddie Bernice Johnson, who has been caught in the ethics spotlight for distributing college Congressional Black Caucus Foundation scholars to her four relatives and a top aide’s two children. Johnson denies any favoritism, and said she couldn’t find any other children in her district who were “very worthy.” This sparked a broadside from Broden that all the children in his district are worthy. CBC Foundation general counsel Amy Goldson told the Dallas Morning News Johnson’s actions violated its nepotism rules, and are “of great concern.”
  • Michel Faulkner, N.Y.-15 — Faulkner is offering voters in New York’s heavily Democratic 15th Congressional District a conservative alternative to returning ethically challenged Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel back to Congress. Faulkner has signed the anti-tax pledge promulgated by Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform. After 22 years as a New York City pastor, Faulkner promotes small businesses, rather than the government, as the best chance for a strong economic recovery.
  • Ryan Frazier, Colo.-7 — Bush campaign “architect” and Fox News commentator Karl Rove hosted a fundraiser Friday for Frazier and two other GOP candidates in Colorado. Frazier is a military veteran and small businessman who advocates lower taxes, reduced government waste, and securing the borders.
  • Isaac Hayes, Ill.-2 — An ordained minister and community activist, Hayes faces a tough battle to unseat Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District. There are growing indications that Jackson’s connection to the Rod Blagojevich scandal may have alienated Illinois voters. Hayes could be poised to score a major upset. Hayes has received the endorsement of the American Conservative Union and the National Right to Life PAC.
  • Charles Lollar, Md.-5 — A U.S. Marine combat veteran, Lollar describes himself as a fiscal conservative who wants to “rein in the out of control spending by the Pelosi Congress.” He faces an uphill battle against House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. His campaign is focusing on the economy, and he states low taxes are the key to a robust economy.
  • Bill Marcy, Miss.-2 — Marcy is a retired security director and Chicago cop who says his time on the beat taught him just how much liberal agenda has devastated American families. His opponent is Rep. Bennie Thompson, an African-American who has served in Congress since 1997, and who has been widely criticized in recent years for taking free junkets to the Northern Mariana Islands, Mexico City, Honduras, the Virgin Islands, Key West, and St. Martin.
  • Star Parker, Calif-37 — Founder of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, Parker is a high-profile columnist and author with an inspiring personal story. Parker is the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. She’s running against incumbent Democrat Rep. Laura Richardson in California’s 37th congressional district. One watchdog named Richardson to its report on congressional corruption after she reportedly accepted favorable loans and failed to properly disclose them. In July, the Office of Congressional Ethics cleared Richardson of wrongdoing. Among those who have endorsed Parker’s candidacy: Steve Forbes, GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, among many others.
  • Bill Randall, N.C.-13 — After growing up in New Orleans’ lower 9th Ward, Randall knew what it was like to face tough challenges. He attained the U.S. Navy’s highest non-commissioned rank, command master chief, before launching a political career. He’s been endorsed by Tea Party PAC USA and supports the Fair Tax.
  • Marvin Scott, Ind.-7 — Marvin Scott has been a professor of sociology at Butler University for nearly 20 years. He also ran the Marvin Scott Associates consulting firm for nearly a decade. Scott recently hired Jerry Alexander, former political director for Rep. Mike Pence’s 2008 campaign, to serve as his campaign manager. His opponent is incumbent Rep. Andre Carson, a Democrat.
  • Chuck Smith, Virginia-3 — A former U.S. Marine and longtime attorney, Smith is running in Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District against incumbent Democrat Rep. Bobby Scott. Smith is a staunch opponent of taxes and big government. Former Virginia Sen. George Allen is aiding his fundraising efforts.

GOP leaders have been talking for years about expanding the GOP tent to include more minorities.
There are 42 African-American Democrats in Congress, a number that includes the lone black senator, Sen. Roland Burris of Illinois, and non-voting delegates from the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
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