35,000 Naked Body Scanner Images Found Stored at Florida Courthouse

Big Sis promised the naked scanner images would not be stored…

…Big Sis lied.

Gizmodo reported today that 35,000 naked scanner images were stored in a Florida Courthouse.

At the heart of the controversy over “body scanners” is a promise: The images of our naked bodies will never be public. U.S. Marshals in a Florida Federal courthouse saved 35,000 images on their scanner. These are those images.
A Gizmodo investigation has revealed 100 of the photographs saved by the Gen 2 millimeter wave scanner from Brijot Imaging Systems, Inc., obtained by a FOIA request after it was recently revealed that U.S. Marshals operating the machine in the Orlando, Florida courthouse had improperly-perhaps illegally-saved images of the scans of public servants and private citizens.

35,000 Naked Scanner Images Found Stored at Florida Courthouse.

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