Fidel Castro: America a Ruined Nation, Tea Party is Extreme and Leading to Fascism

Fidel sounds like Democrat leadership talking points.

Well, it’s official. If this monster is threatened by it, the Tea Party can’t be all bad:
Speaking to a group of students visiting Havana, former Cuban leader Fidel Castro accused the Tea Party of leading the United States towards “fascism.”
In his comments, Castro chided the United States as a “ruined nation” and derided the Tea Party as “extreme right.”
I mean just recently Castro was apologizing for sending gay people to labor camps, but I think we know the real threat in the Western Hemisphere is people who oppose fine state run health care systems like the one they have in Cuba where patients have to “arrive with their own syringes, towels and bed sheets.” I hope Oliver Stone drops everything and hops the first plane to Havana so we can find out more about Castro’s thoughts about the American political scene. Clearly, this man has his finger on the pulse!
via Mass murderer Fidel Castro says the Tea Party is leading America toward ‘fascism’ | Washington Examiner.