Washington Post hires conservative blogger, try try again

The Washington Post boasts some of the top liberal bloggers, such as Ezra Klein and Greg Sargent. Now the paper’s bringing a conservative into the blog stable.

The Post has hired Jennifer Rubin, previously with Commentary magazine, to launch a new blog next month that “will provide critical news coverage and commentary, with an exacting eye on conservative policy-making and Republican campaigns, pundits and politicians,” according to a memo obtained by The Cutline.
David Weigel wrote a blog on the conservative movement until June, when private emails surfaced in which he was harshly critical of some leaders on the right. He resigned over the flap.
But Weigel, now at Slate, didn’t write his blog from a conservative perspective as Rubin is expected to do–even if some readers, and Post managers, thought he would be doing so. Another difference: Weigel was on the national staff, whereas Rubin and Sargent fall on the opinion side of the paper.
via Washington Post hires conservative blogger – Yahoo! News.

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