NASA will make 'major announcement' about possible alien life

Is this the news we have awaited our entire lives to find out?  Do they have Aliens at Area 51 after all?  Will aliens finally land on the White House lawn to meet with the “leader”? What are the implications of life outside of the planet Earth?  If you were wondering why the United Nations set up the ambassador for extraterrestrial contact affairs, today may be the day we find out an answer to some of these questions.

NASA will make a ‘Major Announcement’ at 2 p.m. ET. Speculation is that the announcement will reveal the existence of an astro-biological finding of some sort.

(NECN) – Later this afternoon, NASA will answer questions about whether they have discovered alien life.

NASA is making the major announcement today related to the search for alien life. Administrators will only say it’s an “astro-biology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life.”

Speculation is running rampant on internet blogs about whether NASA will say it’s found an alien.

Scientists will make the announcement at 2:00 p.m.

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What is NASA’s Secret Astrobiology Announcement?

Evidence of Life on Mars?

While many are hoping that NASA will announce that extraterrestrial life has been discovered, this seems like a near impossibility. If this were the case, the best prospect for this might be from Mars. The Exploration Rover Spirit has been stationary for just about a year after getting stuck in some soft sand. That would give it an opportunity to study that patch of sand over a long period of time, during which it might perceive chemical changes attributable to life processes. It’s a long shot at best, but remember that in the spot where it is stuck, Spirit was looking at layered sulfate salts associated with ancient thermal vents that could have been a prime location for bacterial life at some point in the Red Planet’s distant past .

A New Chemical Basis for Life?

More likely is that a group of NASA astrobiologists has discovered a chemical model for life based on something other than oxygen and water. Such a discovery might open up the number of potential sites where extraterrestrial life might be found and would be a major breakthrough in the field. Looking at the team of scientists that NASA lists as attending the press conference, perhaps we can gain some further insight.

via What is NASA’s Secret Astrobiology Announcement? – Yahoo! News.


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