RNC conservatives launch Anybody but Steele Campaign

A group of conservatives on the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) governing board have launched an “Anybody but Steele” campaign and are gathering pledges from other committee members that they won’t back the beleaguered party chairman, POLITICO has learned.

Members of the Republican National Conservative Caucus (RNCC) held a conference call and sent emails last week in attempt to build support for what they’re calling a “Resolution of Commitment.”

The same group is also working on a similar, but far more targeted, campaign to convince the five Republicans challenging Steele not to strike any agreement with him that could improve his prospects – what they’re calling a “No Deal With Steele Pledge.”

James Bopp, the Republican committeeman from Indiana and a leader of the RNCC, declined to offer any specifics about how many pledges they had received for either effort, directing inquiries to Oregon committeeman Solomon Yue, another RNCC leader. Yue didn’t return an email.

But the conservatives’ Dump Steele effort has caught the attention of the incumbent’s loyalists and just before Christmas touched off an angry, racially-tinged email exchange between Bopp, a supporter of Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus’s RNC bid, and Idaho GOP Chairman and Steele backer Norm Semanko.

Sending a copy of his message to the 168 members of the full RNC, Semanko complained in a message Thursday to Bopp and Yue that he had an email forwarded to him regarding the conference call that was aimed at garnering signatures for the anti-Steele efforts.

Read the full story at  As RNC conservatives launch Dump Steele effort, race returns to fore – Ben Smith – POLITICO.com.

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