10 Best Gaffes of 2010 That You May Have Missed

This has been a year filled with many memorable moments. The political arena has had its share of off-script instances that were oftentimes disastrous but sometimes hilarious. You may have heard about many of them — from Vice President Joe Biden’s f-bomb at the health care reform event to Christine O’Donnell’s “separatation of church and state” line to former BP head Tony Hayward’s complaint during the gulf oil spill that “I’d like my life back.”
But there were several other off-script gems this year that you may not have seen. Here are my top 10.
1) Senator, Secretary, What’s the Diff?
First Lady Michelle Obama forgets what job Hillary Rodham Clinton has but makes up for it with a hilarious comeback.

2) Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
California Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina gives viewers an indication of why she isn’t Senator-Elect Fiorina in this clip, where she thinks her mic is turned off.

3) Street Thug
Rep. Bob Etheridge, D-N.C., was walking down a Washington street when he was approached by a young man asking him about the “Obama agenda,” while someone else is holding a camera. Watch Etheridge go ballistic on them.

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