Charlie Wilson's War FBI File: Sex, Drugs And Foreign Wars

In life, Rep. Charlie Wilson was surrounded by legends of his high living, but it was never quite clear where the reality ended and the legend began. The feds seemingly had a similar problem figuring that out, if the late congressman’s recently disclosed FBI file is any indication, as it mentions a rumored photo of Wilson on a bed with a Mexican prostitute that the FBI was never able to confirm.

A rumor of a photo of Wilson with a Mexican woman of the night is just one of the tidbits revealed in the FBI file of the late Wilson, the bombastic politician who was immortalized in the 2007 film “Charlie Wilson’s War.” And while he was known for his wide circle of friends, his file indicates he clearly had some nasty enemies.
Wilson, the Texas Democrat known as “Good Time Charlie,” served in Congress from 1973 through 1996 and died in February at the age of 76. His involvement with Operation Cyclone, a program supporting the Afghan mujahideen in their resistance of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan was portrayed by Tom Hanks in the 2007 film based on the book “Charlie Wilson’s War: The Extraordinary Story of the Largest Covert Operation in History.”
TPM just obtained a copy of Wilson’s 463 page FBI from the bureau, which the Hill first reported it obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request last week.
So what’s in the file? Some standout nuggets:
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