Gentry Collins drops RNC Chair Bid, Blasts Steele

” I announce my withdrawal from the race for Chairman of the RNC,”
Former Republican National Committee political director Gentry Collins dropped his bid to become chairman of the RNC Sunday night, explaining in an interview that members of the committee preferred to have one of their own lead the party.

Collins won the support of only three members of the 168-member committee and it was clear that he faced long odds heading into the final weeks before the party holds its vote for chairman.

The Iowa native resigned from his post in November with a scathing resignation letter in which he laid out the committee’s financial troubles in such stark terms so as to badly damage any chance embattled Chairman Michael Steele had for being re-elected. But the blast also damaged Collins’ own hopes for taking over the top job as his subsequent candidacy raised questions about his motivation in hammering the chairman.

Collins, however, said he didn’t regret his decision to quit in such spectacular fashion.
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jmartpolitico‎ BREAKING: Gentry Collins has dropped out of the RNC race. Not offering an endorsement as of now.

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Collins Drops Out Of RNC Race – Hotline On Call

“During the last month and a half, I have spent my time traveling to 20 states and meeting with many members of the RNC talking about change in leadership at the RNC and how to get it back on solid financial footing,” Collins wrote. “I entered this race to make sure there was a credible alternative to Michael Steele and have said from day one I will not get in the way of electing new leadership at the RNC.”
“I believe that there are several qualified candidates in the race for Chairman, each of whom would do a fine job leading the committee through the 2012 Election cycle,” he added. “I am confident that the members of the Republican National Committee will make the right decision on January 14th.”
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Iowa’s Gentry Collins drawing little support thus far for RNC bid

Former Republican Party of Iowa executive director Gentry Collins‘ campaign to replace Michael Steele as chair of the Republican National Committee is off to a slow start, with only two delegates lining up to support him, according to a whip count from The Hotline. Of Iowa’s three delegates, only Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn has thrown his support to Collins.
Thirteen RNC delegates have publicly declared their support for former Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus — including Iowa’s Steve Scheffler. Steele has 12 official backers. That one vote separation may be an essential tie, but it bodes poorly for Steele’s re-election hopes. Eighteen delegates have committed to supporting another candidate: nine have said they will vote for former Michigan GOP Chairman Saul Anuzis, seven for former RNC co-chair Ann Wagner, and two for Collins.
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