if ‘ObamaCare’ is Partisan Attack Word, why did the Obama Admin buy Google adwords for that term?

I’ve heard and read lots of hand-wringing from President Obama’s most ardent supporters that we (the left, right, and center) can’t have “serious discussion” about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“health care reform”) as long as people call it “ObamaCare,” which we do frequently at Cato. So basically, Obama supporters are going to stick their fingers in their ears and yell “LA LA LA” until we meanies stop–*gasp*–attaching the president’s name to his administration’s signature legislative achievement.
But what’s most interesting about this whole discussion became apparent to me today. I read another one of these complaints–about people calling the health care reform law “ObamaCare”–this morning, so I decided to Google “obamacare” to see who else was using the term, and in what context. Here’s what turned up in the search results:
via UPDATED–Google Ad Words Win for the White House: Even They See the Value in “ObamaCare”.

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