It's a Miracle! Michelle Obama Pregnant? C'Mon!

No Grandma you can’t believe everything you read on twitter.  This whole mess started when some psychic predicted that the FLOTUS would become pregnant.  Here’s a small problem, she is 46!  If you beleive the psychic, here is another A giant spider nest and spiders will be found in South America due to Global warming!

Leave it to the Weekly World News to ring in the new year with a totally outrageous story: Michelle Obama is pregnant! That’s the rumor going around on Twitter right now, sparked by the Weekly World News story, which even includes confirmation from the White House press secretary. Is Michelle Obama really pregnant?
Of course not! The story, which claims Mrs. Obama is due in August, looks to be totally fabricated, even though it’s making the rounds on Twitter. Michelle Obama is 46 years old, so obviously it would be a higher-risk pregnancy
via Michelle Obama Pregnant: How That Wacky Rumor Got Started | Famecrawler.

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