Wisconsin’s Reince Priebus is the New RNC Chairman

Update:  Wisconsin’s Reince Priebus is the New RNC Chairman
Update: Ann Wagner has dropped out of the RNC chairman’s race leaving three candidates
Update: 6th round: Priebus 80 (+13), Anuzis 37 (+5), Cino 34 (-6), Wagner 17 (-11) Note: 85 votes are needed to win
Prior to the fifth vote, Michael Steele conceded his bid to be re-elected as RNC Chairman.  In a brief statement he said, “It’s very clear that the party wants to do something different.”

The Republican National Committee voted in the fourth round on their party chairman.  The votes were as follows: Reince Priebus 58, Maria Cino 29, Michael Steele 28, Ann Wagner 28 and Saul Anuzis 24.  There was one write in vote that is ineligible.
The candidates are current RNC Chairman Michael Steele, former RNC Co-Chairman Ann Wagner, Former Michigan Republican Chairman Saul Anuzis, Former Deputy RNC Chairman Maria Cino and Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Reince Preibus.  The event is being held at the Gaylord National Resort Hotel at the National Harbor in Maryland.  Along with electing a new Chairman, the RNC’s members are meeting in preparation of the upcoming 2012 presidential election cycle.
via Vote on RNC Leader Underway | C-SPAN.

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