Senator Joe Lieberman will not seek fifth term in 2012

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman (I) will not seek a fifth term in 2012, according two Democratic sources familiar with the decision.

Lieberman’s office did not offer any comment on his plans, saying only that he would make an announcement tomorrow in Stamford, Connecticut. “The Senator’s remarks tomorrow will stand on their own,” said a Lieberman spokeswoman.
Lieberman will be the second Democratic senator to make public his plans to leave the chamber in the past 24 hours. On Tuesday morning, North Dakota Sen. Kent Conrad said he would not seek a a fifth term in 2012.
On the Republican side, Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison announced her retirement last week.
Lieberman’s long awaited decision means an end to a political career that took from the 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate to a speaking role at the 2008 Republican National Convention in support of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).
Source –  The Fix