Rep. Giffords will be released from Hospital Friday, To Houston for Rehab

The following is an email written by Rep. Giffords’ parents, Gloria and Spencer:

The surgeons are ecstatic…Spence and I are humbled by the outpouring of love and prayers and overwhelmed with gratitude.
There are thousands of people who have responded with cards, flowers, FOOD (we’re feeding all the cops and federal marshals in UMC 3 square meals a day as well as folks in two other patient waiting rooms….almost like the loaves and fishes).  The entire front lawn of the hospital as well as the perimeter of her congressional office in Tucson  is illuminated by thousands of candles, get well placards, hers and the other victim’s photos,  prayers, stuffed animals, and people.
You can feel the energy.
Everyday Gabby improves and shows higher levels of comprehension and complex actions. Yesterday when Mark came back from speaking at her aide’s memorial service, she reached up and untied his tie and undid the top button to his shirt.  (One of the nurses on the wing I was visiting with told me…’You know where this is goin’.’)
Last night she took his I pod and scrolled through all the pictures.  Early this morning she began to read cards made for her by some 4th graders! Her unbandaged eye tracked the lines, she opened the cards and turned them over reading the back. Mark’s gotten pages of large print of Harry Potter’s 1st book for her to hold and read (he’s not read any of them so this should interesting).
Saturday in a 5 hour surgery they removed all the tubes from her mouth, did a tracheotomy (although she is breathing great on her own) and inserted a stomach tube for feeding.  Before surgery that morning she gave Mark a 20 minute back and neck rub.
They also placed a steel plate over her right eye where the optic bridge was crushed.  (The stitching is beautiful.)  Her eyes appear to be fine…no optic nerve damage they believe.  She came through with flying colors and all her neurological functions, temp., blood, etc.  normal. They have her sitting up in a chair.
She had minor surgery this AM to remove some bone particles that were working out through her scalp and to tidy up the incision on her forehead where the bullet entered.  She did well also.
They are even now having her move limbs on command.  So now comes the “true grit” part….and won’t be a stroll in a park although Mark predicts she’ll be up and walking around in 2 weeks.  The physical and occupational therapy will proceed side by side and it’ll be stringent.
There is a team of medical specialists involved…including military surgeons who specialize in bullet wounds to the head.  They want to start aggressive rehab immediately and are flying her to Houston facilities Friday.  I’ll go with her  along with Mark and Dr. Rhee and see where I fit into the rehab process, to get an apartment, returning in a couple days to finish up work here, and then back to Texas with Spencer for as long as it takes.

As she becomes more alert and her right eye gets un bandaged she’ll begin to communicate more and when the trachea is removed, speak. You notice I’m speaking in the present tense…because that’s where all your future prayers  are going to come in…Please help us realize that Gabby as an expression of God cannot be less than perfect and her healing complete.
Our love and appreciation – Gloria and Spencer
Source  Email –  KOLD News 13.

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