Violent Crime Rate Down for third year, Left calls for Gun Control

The AP reported back in May that Violent crime had dropped for three years running.  The FBI report claimed  that Violent crime was down 5.5% and Murder was down Nearly 8 percent over previous year levels.  Even so the Left wants to use the Arizona shooting as an opportunity to push gun control laws that don’t work.  Mayor Bloomberg of New York wanted the President to add gun control issues to the State of the Union Speech, even while the safest part of New York has the most guns in law abiding citizen hands.  The most dangerous cities in America, like Chicago, have the most numerous gun control laws in place.

The violent crime rate in the United States went down in 2009 for the third year in a row and the property crime rate fell for the seventh consecutive year, the FBI reported Monday.
The decline last year amounted to 5.5 percent for violent crime compared to 2008 and the rate for property crime was down 4.9 percent.
It’s the third consecutive annual drop in violent crime and the largest percentage-wise, reports CBS News correspondent Bob Orr.
The FBI collected the crime data from more than 13,000 law enforcement agencies around the country.
According to the numbers, all four categories of violent crime declined compared to 2008 – robbery, murder, aggravated assault and forcible rape.
Violent crime in the South fell by 6.6 percent, dropped 5.6 percent in the West, declined 4.6 percent in the Midwest and went down 3.5 percent in the Northeast.
Violent crime declined 4 percent in metropolitan counties and 3 percent elsewhere, the FBI reported.
Nationwide, the murder rate was down 7.2 percent last year.
via FBI Says Violent Crime Rate Down Again – CBS News.

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