Did the U.S. Plan Egypt? Wikileaks Cables say so

“The U.S. government had been planning to topple the Egyptian president for the past three years _ that is, according to diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks,” RT reported Saturday.

The Jerusalem Post said a 2008 cable revealed the American plans.
“The cable outlines how the State Department helped an Egyptian pro-democracy activist attend a “Youth Movements Summit’ in New York and how the unnamed activist presented an ‘unwritten plan’ for democratic transition in 2011.’”
The cables also indicated the U.S. had applied pressure to have three dissidents associated with the pro-democracy activist released from prison. The Post published the cable on its Website. The original address is: http://wikileaks.ca/cable/2008/12/08CAIRO2572.html.
via Wikileaks Cables Claim U.S. Supporting Egyptian Revolution | Iron Mill News Service.

Russia does have secondary gain for reporting this information.  The CIA backed several provinces desire to break ties with Moscow.  They also have emphasized in other reports that The United States has done a poor job in the the past, giving Iran uprising in the 70s as an example.

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