Presidential Overreach – Obama’s Organizing for America Involved in Wisconsin Protests

Today the White House declined comment and directed questions to the DNC when asked about a Washington Post article that  suggested the White House had a role in stoking the protests in Madison.

The White house related that their only involvement was a comment on Television.  The reporter alluded to the Presidents ties to Organizing for America who are deeply involved in the protests over Union collective bargaining rights in the Wisconsin capital.

Politisite has pointed out here and on the web that some of the major actors in this protest still have links to Obama For America which redirects to the website Organizing for America.

The link to Organizing for America in Wisconsin via  Google is:

Organizing for America | Introducing OFA Wisconsin

Organizing for AmericaWisconsin is excited to pick up where we left off

If the President is not directly involved, the organization that he founded and most of the players in the Obama Presidential campaign are in the forefront in Wisconsin.

We found this article by Snidely Whiplash that makes some good points:

Since when does a sitting president use a political organization of his defacto leading to organize and participate in protests outside of the chambers of Congress? Such a question leads to the next: Is there any end to the duplicity and seeming underhandedness of the Obama Administration?

According to no less than the liberal Politico, Obama’s Organizing for America is deeply involved in organizing and backing the Wisconsin protests. “OfA Wisconsin’s field efforts include filling buses and building turnout for the rallies this week in Madison, organizing 15 rapid response phone banks urging supporters to call their state legislators, and working on planning and producing rallies, a Democratic Party official in Washington said.” What does this mean?

It seems terribly unfair and seedy. Here we have a sitting president, actually a community organizer in way over his arrogant head, using his political clout to interfere in a sovereign state’s internal political struggles. It’s underhanded to engage in anything the above paragraph admits OfA is engaged in. This is community organizing in action and it is not the place of the sitting president. Doesn’t Obama have enough to do to fix this nation’s ills? Based on his total lack of success in his two years thus far I think he needs to do his job and leave Wisconsin to Wisconsinites.

And Obama isn’t only working behind the scenes but as he openly stated, thinks Wisconsin governor should not be engaged in an “assault on unions.” It isn’t his place to make that call, and that is an unfair political accusation.

via Presidential Overreach – Obama’s Organizing for America Involved in Wisconsin Protests | Scotty Starnes’s Blog.

In conclusion, Organizing for America is  involved in the protests in Wisconsin and their  behavior is exactly like those they condemned from the Tea party Rallies as this video depicts.  I am not surprised Obama is distancing  himself from the Monster he created


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