Tea Party and the Union square off in Wisconsin – Who showered us with Hate?

“Wisconsin is Ground Zero for the rest of the nation,” Herman Cain told a cheering crowd Saturday afternoon at the Capitol in Madison at a “Stand With Scott Walker” rally. “On Nov. 2, the people of this great state elected a governor to lead — and he is leading!”

via The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : Tea Party Joins the Battle of Madison.

Thousands of Protesters Surround Wisconsin Capitol

Hundreds of his supporters have gathered on the east side of the Capitol but they are surrounded by thousands of pro-labor protesters.

The Walker supporters are shouting, “Pass the bill,” while the pro-labor group chants, “Kill the bill.”

Source: The Blaze

Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho, This Is What Thugocracy Looks Like – More Leftist Hate at Madison Rally

You’ve got to give the leftists credit today. They didn’t beat any skulls on the cement.
It took quite a bit of discipine.

However, there was still plenty of leftist hate to go around.

Source:  Gateway Pundit

Right Pundits point out the Cross Hairs (Democrats never use) on head of Governor Walker

Recall that the left were intent with painting the tea party as an angry mob full of white racists. Let’s recap what’s going on in Wisconsin: WI Union Protesters Threaten WI Governor WithDeath, GOP Senators Afraid For Their Families. From Ann Althouse via Instapundit: At today’s demonstration against Scott Walker’s budget plan — a sign reading “Sic Semper Tyrannis.” Death to tyrants. “The phrase is said to have originated with Marcus Junius Brutus during the assassination of Julius Caesar. It was later shouted by John

Wilkes Booth during his assassination of Abraham Lincoln.” There’s the new civility for ya, complete with crosshairs on the Wisconsin Governor:

Source: Right Pundits

YouTube Video

Teacher Get a Note from the Doctor to skip school and protest

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