Unrepentant Gadhafi Regime: ‘Blood Will Flow’

We see that Muammar al-Gaddafi the Son can Ramble  as well as His Father in the great “Jamahiriya” .   He claims that a Conspiracy from outside sources is causing unrest.  The instigators are Foreigners, Drunks, and Drug addicts.  The media is exaggerating the death toll.  The oil fields will be drained.  The price of Bread will skyrocket.  Will will fight to the last man and Bullet.

My friend over at the  Baz File focuses on another statement made by Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi that seems to be a necessary component of  any good Islamic Dictators speech, “Blood Will Flow”.

The focus in the Middle East has shifted from Bahrain to Libya, where more than 200 protesters have been killed during weeklong demonstrations aimed at toppling dictator Moammar Gadhafi, whose modest attempts at reforming his despotic image have failed.

Gadhafi’s tone-deaf son Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi made a statement on Libyan TV tonight that amounted to a defense of the military’s crackdown, disputing the reported death toll and saying only that a “mistake” was made by troops not trained in crowd control. The army panicked, “So they ended up shooting,” he said, claiming some of the protesters were drunk or on drugs.

“We are not Tunisia or Egypt … There will be civil war. We will be killing each other on the streets,” he said through an interpreter. “The petrol we will be burned, and nobody will benefit from the petrol… Blood will flow.”

Read the rest at  The Baz File: Unrepentant Gadhafi Regime: ‘Blood Will Flow’.

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