Fatwa issued against Libyans watching Al Jazeera

سياسي — السياسة والأخبار العاجلة، والتحليل ، والتعليق

High Tech fatwa  –  Libyana mobile subscribers received a  Text message from Sheikh Fawza.  The Cleric  issued a fatwa against Libyans watching television channels “like Al Jazeera“ because the Satellite Station headquartered in Qatar passes rumors.  The Cleric called watching Al Jazeera “Haram” or forbidden by Islamic Law.

Text messages sent to residents of Tripoli in the past 30 minutes by Libyana, the country’s leading cellphone provider, advised them that a local cleric issued a fatwa against watching television channels “like Al Jazeera,” that incite bloodshed, three Libyan bloggers report on Twitter.

Earlier on Thursday, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi said in a rambling phone call to Libyan state television: “Those people who took your sons away from you and gave them drugs and said let them die are launching a campaign over cellphones against your sons, telling them not to obey their fathers and mothers, and they are destroying their country.”

via Latest Updates on Libyan Uprising – NYTimes.com.

via Fatwa issued against Libyans watching Al Jazeera


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