Hypocrisy of the highest order, Arab League criticizes air strikes Libya

The Arab League cried for intervention in Libya with a No Fly Zone, but now that they have it, they have are criticizing the West for intervening with air strikes and bombs.  The are acting like they had no idea what they were signing up for.

It is well known that a No Fly Zone is implemented with taking out what is called in Military operations as “eyes and ears”.  The first portion of implementing a no fly zone takes out communications and anti-aircraft sites.  Qaddafi is doing what he does best, taking those he has killed and placed the bodies at misstle strike areas and claiming that the Missiles have killed civilians.  Its one of his oldest tricks.  It appears that it is getting the desired affect as the Arab League is now criticizing the operation.

Arab League supports no-fly zone over Libya – Never Mind!

“The Arab League has officially requested the UN Security Council to impose a no-fly zone against any military action against the Libyan people,” secretary general Amr Moussa said in televised press a statement.

via Arab League supports no-fly zone over Libya.

A commentator on Al Jazeera calls the Arab League action, “hypocrisy of the highest order”

This from the AFP:

The Arab League on Sunday criticized Western military strikes on Libya, a week after urging the United Nations to slap a no-fly zone on the oil-rich North African state.

“What has happened in Libya differs from the goal of imposing a no-fly zone and what we want is the protection of civilians and not bombing other civilians,” Arab League secretary general Amr Mussa told reporters.

On March 12, the Arab League urged the United Nations to impose a no-fly zone on Libya and said Moammar Gadhafi’s regime had “lost legitimacy” as it sought to snuff out a rebellion designed to oust him from power.

In the West’s biggest intervention in the Arab world since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, US warships and a British submarine fired more than 120 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Libya on Saturday, the US military said.

French warplanes also carried out strikes.

The UN Security Council passed Resolution 1973 on Thursday authorizing military action to prevent Gadhafi’s forces from attacking civilians.

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