Obama visit to Brazil to open Markets, watch out! He is giving away the Farm

Brazilian Leader Rousseff made it clear she wants America to Open up its Market to ethanol, beef, cotton, orange juice and aircraft.  She called our farm industry, “protectionist”.  So what will it cost our farmers to have our markets opened up to cheap farm products.  Agriculture seems to be on the auction block for Obama to get what he wants.  This is his idea of bringing  jobs to America?  I don’t think our farmers will buy that.

Do we really need Orange Juice when we have California and Florida?  Do we need more beef, when the market is at some of it’s lowest prices due to boycotts around the world for our products?  Bringing Brazilian cotton to an already slaughtered cotton market?   Oh an aircraft, yeah lets import aircraft to a country with the best aeronautical products  in the world.

A warning to those who make their living on Agriculture, keep your eyes on the President on this trip, he may be giving away the farm!

From the New York Times:

For all of the mutual praise, Mr. Obama and Ms. Rousseff were direct in their criticisms, particularly Ms. Rousseff.

She said the two countries’ relationship had in the past been marked by “empty rhetoric” from the United States. A “deeper relationship” with Brazil, which now has the world’s seventh-largest economy, “has to be a construct amongst equals,” she said.

She objected to what she called American protectionism in some areas, saying that she understood that the United States had to take “tough measures” to restore growth after the global financial crisis, which Brazil largely escaped. But, she added, stronger ties would require the United States to lower trade barriers for Brazilian products like ethanol, beef, cotton, orange juice and aircraft.

Mr. Obama had a similar complaint against Brazil. “As the World Bank has noted, there are still too many obstacles in the way of doing business in Brazil,” he told a business group. “And I know Brazil has issues with certain policies in the U.S.

“But I also know that there is no country that has more to gain than Brazil from expanded trade and open markets.”

Read the full article at  NYTimes.com.

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