Wisconsin State Supreme Court Election Results

The Final Results:

J. Kloppenburg wins by 204 Votes
Wisconsin – County Vote Results
Supreme Court – General 

County Precincts D. Prosser (i) J. Kloppenburg
Total 3630/3630 739,886


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Original story –

Anyone that watches the mainstream media would think that the entire state was against Governor Scott Walker and for the Union.  But if one is following today’s election, there seems to be an alternate reality than the one portrayed by MSNBC and other left leaning news programs.

Tonight’s voting numbers show quite a differing story,  one that is more accurate with what is going on in the real world.  The voting outcome so far show a polarization between an incumbent conservative and a progressive challenger for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice.  The votes are so polarized that the two are separated by a mere 500 or so votes.

Now the truth is, that the incumbent judge had little to worry about just a few months ag0 and Wisconsin’s are using the vote as a referendum on Governor Walker and the Republicans legislation over the Public Union issues, but it still is not the landslide progressive victory that is being touted by Ed Schultz at MSNBC and his play by play,  preceint by preceint,  calling his player “Safe’ at each progression of the election results.

As it stands right now. the  margin between the two is so small that local, state, and national election results  are showing both at  fifty percent for each.  One could take out their calculator and see that the spread is so small that there will be a recount.

Based on our own math, we see the challenger going ahead by approximately 2600 votes when all the votes are in.  So don’t count your judge just yet.  A re-count has installed into office the likes of  Al Franken the Senator from Minnesota.

Early returns from the Wisconsin State Supreme Court race showed a dead heat Tuesday night in an election with significant implications for Gov. Scott Walker’s law to curtail collective-bargaining rights of most public employees in the state.

The race, between conservative incumbent David Prosser and left-leaning assistant district attorney JoAnne Kloppenburg, is widely seen as a proxy war over Mr. Walker and the union law.

When the bill passed last month, tens of thousands of people demonstrated against it in the state capital.

Two hours after polls closed, Mr. Prosser was leading 51% to 49% with 61% of the votes counted, according to the Associated Press.

The stakes are high because the law is expected to end up before the state Supreme Court which has generally split 4 to 3 with a conservative voting block in the majority. The race is technically non-partisan, but Democrats have spent heavily in support of Ms. Kloppenburg in the hopes that she would tilt the court’s balance and vote to strike down the law. Conservatives and business groups have supported Mr. Prosser.

Mr. Walker, a first-term Republican, has said that the law is necessary to balance the state’s budget. Democrats have charged that the law is designed to destroy unions.

Mr. Prosser won the Feb. 15 primary with 55% of the vote to 25% for Ms. Kloppenburg. Her campaign gained momentum as anger among public employees increased. Mr. Walker signed the law on March 11, but it remains tied up in court and has not yet been implemented.

via Judicial Race Tight in Wisconsin – WSJ.com.

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