Couric to take 5 PM slot on FoxNews and other Media Blog Glenn Beck fallacies – Video

Yes it’s true!  Katie Couric and Glenn Beck changes seem awfully close together.  Couric has to be getting Becks 5 pm slot.  I mean if you want to lose 2 million viewers you get Couric!  That is just some of the crazy stuff that is out there.  Today I received three different e-mails all taking credit for Glenn Becks demise from Fox.  Media Matters did it all, The Color of Change attacked all 300 advertisers, and even Chris Mathews is taking credit for Becks departure… but wait.. Beck isn’t leaving.  He is transitioning out of his 5 pm show to do other things with Fox and his Mercury group.

But let the left keep doing what they do, showing their own delusional self importance and power.  As we watch folks leave CNN and MSNBC like flys in the midst of DDT, they just have to make themselves feel better, right?  Oh there is more, believe me.  Lets just put it this way.  Watch programming at those other channels from now until June.  It will be comical.  And for the folks over at the Color of Change and Media Matters, life will be taking on a new meaning in short order as well.


In the wake of Glenn announcing his new agreement with Fox News, which explained that Glenn will ‘develop and produce a variety of television projects for air on the Fox News Channel as well as content for other platforms including Fox News’ digital properties.’ and ‘transition off his daily program’. The media is making all kinds of hilarious attempts at explaining and ‘investigating’ Glenn’s decision. Check out Glenn’s reaction to the cute attempts by the left to bash him HERE.

LOL: some media coverage of Glenn’s decision

  • Chris Matthews gives himself credit – STORY
  • Larry O’Donnell exposes his own crappy ratings while highlighting Glenn’s astronomic numbers – STORY
  • GMA ‘investigates’ Glenn’s decision to leave Fox – STORY

Speaking of funny: The reporting is riddled with so many untruths, these attempts stand a good chance of being used as material for Glenn’s upcoming comedy tour – which starts TOMORROW! Get all the dates and ticket info HERE.

Glenn Beck transitioning off of daily TV

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