Ron Paul not that Crazy – Jesse Ventura says he would run as Independent with Ron Paul

Problem with that idea is Ron Paul doesn’t know anything about it.  Paul says, if he does run for President  it would be as a Republican not an Independent.   Ventura promoting a new book using a potential run with Paul to get some media attention.  This seems to be the new thing for Known figures to promote whatever they are doing.  Donlad Trump,  who is using the Birther issue as a way of getting attention, says he will announce if he is running for President on his TV show.

What Ventura should do is Run with “the Donald”  that way the Birther and 9/11 truther vote is covered.

This from NPR:

A spokesman for Rep. Ron Paul of Texas told Minnesota Public Radio News that Paul is “weighing” his 2012 options. But if if he runs for president “it will be as a Republican,” said Jesse Benton, director of Paul’s Liberty political action committee.

Along with promoting his new book, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has mentioned the possibility of running as a vice presidential candidate with Paul at the top of an “Independent” ticket.

Ventura talked about running for Minnesota Senate in 2008 when he was also selling a book.

Ventura won election as Minnesota governor in 1998. He served one term and did not seek reelection.

via Minnesota Public Radio.

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