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Doug Powers over at michellemalkin.com notes that the President Obama, who Wednesday said Rep. Paul Ryan’s evil budget would “lead to a fundamentally different America” is the exact same Obama – there are photos to prove it – who said just before Election Day 2008 that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Dan Reihl makes the case that the Donald Trump phenomenon is really a case of “none of the above.” And he’s right, this plays a big role. Most of the Republican’s in or about to get in the field are either stiffs who are disconnected from the base or not very credible as  presidential candidates. If there were anyone getting people excited, Trump would be an amusing sideshow that might eventually move to center stage, not second in the race. Obama’s greatest strength so far seems to be his opposition.

Andrew Malcolm reports that Vice President Biden, having fallen asleep during Obama’s budget speech, is now awake and talking. What Malcolm leaves out is that many reporters like me who have covered Biden over the years will attest that he can likely continues talking even while comatose.

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