Donald Trump is a Fraud and a Demagogue

This from White House Dossier

Conan Obrien said, "If Donald Trump wants to see Obamas Birth Certificate, than America wants to see if Trumps Hair is Real

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post describing how much I like a book by Donald Trump, “Think Big.” It helped motivate me as I began this blog. I said at the end of the piece that what I was writing was not meant as an endorsement yet -that I hadn’t thought about it much. Well, I thought about it.

Donald Trump, at least as a politician, is a fraud and demagogue. Whatever you think of his straight talking style and his willingness to go after President Obama, he is a power-hungry Sophist and a danger to the country.

As is typical with demagogues, he says the answer to the country’s problems is – him. He has no serious program, no agenda, no new ideas other than to obtain power and support for himself. The few ideas he does throw around – a 25 percent tax on Chinese imports and knocking OPEC into line merely through the force of his personality – have a xenophobic cast in that they blame our problems on foreigners.

I published an article today in POLITICO detailing Trump’s empty, demagogic campaign. I hope you take a look.

via  The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier.

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