I attempted to Farm, so Pay me! John Stossel Freeloaders Al Pires and Andrew Breitbart

Ok so does Attorney Al Pres know Andrew Breitbart or not?  In one segment he says he doesn;t know who Breitbart is, than deep in battle he says that He knows Brietbart is a Rick Hollywood Kid who doesn’t work and hates the poor.  Hmm, Last time I checked Brietbart wasn’t making millions of dollars on the back of Poor Black Framers.  The man who invented a class of civil rights violations on folks who “Attempted to Farm”.  Based on the story, it appears that “attempting to Farm: meant you thought about it and some lawyers said check this box on a form.

I am attempting to keep from laughing right now.  As folks wonder why America is going broke when those who “Attempted to Farm” got checks for 50,000 dollars while other real Black Americans who had farms got fleeced because of the additional outlays to the “attempted Farmers”.  The real oppressed framers here actually got less because this lawyer widened the class so that he could pocket an additional 40 percent.  No wonder he doesn’t want to know people like Andrew Breitbart

John Stossel’s Freeloaders special calling out individuals for milking the system ruffled a few feathers, namely the “freeloaders” in question. To celebrate the outrage, Stossel invited his choice “freeloaders” back, among them colorful defense attorney Al Pires. In a stroke of genius, Stossel paired the lawyer with Andrew Breitbart, who happens to have a history with the USDA himself. Classic cable news unproductive yelling ensued.

Pires got on Stossel’s “freeloaders” list for representing black farmers attempting to receive aid for their farms from the USDA to balance out institutional racism. In the process, Pires created a new represented class that expanded the number of people who could claim subsidies exponentially. The story had been highlighted on Big Government, and Breitbart repeated the claims on his site to Pires in person: that “there were only 18,000 black farmers, only two to three thousand claims,” so Pires, in Breitbart’s estimation, expanded the class to make more money. Needless to say Pires didn’t take the claims too well.

“I don’t know who Mr. Breitbart is. He’s obviously not a farmer, he’s not a journalist,” Pires began, later calling his claims “silly” (as he says this, the chyron under him reads: “Al Pires: Freeloader?” Breitbart replied by saying the names of several relevant individuals over his bickering, later asking about Othello Cross, a former colleague who Breitbart claims admitted to fraud on tape. Stossel confirms the story independently, telling Breitbart that “I didn’t trust you either.” But the Othello Cross claims seem to get the best of Pires, who, upon Breitbart challenging him for “trying to act like he doesn’t know who Othello Cross is,” launches into an ad hominem screed for the ages:

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