Keep on Dreaming: DREAM Act Prospects Dim

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Obama in El Paso - White House Photo

It wasn’t to long ago that the main talking point out of the White House was Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.  They additionally harped that the Republicans didn’t appear interested in the main issues of Jobs and the economy.  Now the President is talking a victory lap over Killing Bin Laden and pushing immigration Reform known as the DREAM act.  I thought it was about Jobs?  Oh no, now that the election season is in full swing, the President knows he has to appear to the Latino voters who were miffed that Obama reneged on a promise to get immigration passed in his first term.  So now it is Immigration reform that will somehow create jobs.  Interesting enough, while he is on the border town making fun of the GOP that they want Alligators and a Moat on the border, just down the road was a breach in the border via a tunnel that included lighting and air conditioning.  Mr. President, folks don;t want Alligators and a Moat, just a secure border without underground excursions for illegals.  So while the POTUS is doing his victory dance and pushing legislation that he knows won’t pass, he might want to think about jobs or his DREAM act focus will become a nightmare in 2012

From Roll Call News

A day after President Barack Obama tried to kick-start immigration reform with a speech in El Paso, Texas, Senate Democratic leaders reintroduced the DREAM Act — but without much more than “faith” that this time Republicans won’t block it.

Joined by a Nigerian immigrant with a chemical engineering degree who could get citizenship under the bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) called on Republicans who have backed immigration reform in the past to back the legislation, which has support from the Defense Department, business groups and advocates for immigrants.

“I believe there are people of goodwill on the Republican side of the aisle, especially some who in the past have been advocates for the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform who will join with us,” Reid said. “I am someone who maintains the faith. Just like the dreamers have faith things are going to change.”

The DREAM Act would give immigrants who were brought to the U.S. before age 16 and have been in the country for more than five years a path to citizenship if they go to college or serve in the military.

Though Reid said he will bring the DREAM Act to the floor, he didn’t offer a timetable. “We need the people of America to rise up,” he said.

via DREAM Act’s Prospects in Senate Are Dim : Roll Call News.

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