No More Speech Reenactment Photos at the White House

Politisite  pointed out that the Associated Press was a bit hypocritical for using reenacted photos of President Obama’s Speeches when their own policy stated to not do so.  We had correlated it with the inconsistency  the Associated Press showed by not sending a still photographer to the Greenville, South Carolina Debate because they were not granted access to the Debate venue to take live pictures during the actual debate.   You see they didn’t want to use a pool photographer and were not going to take staged photos of the Republican candidates as it was against their Policy.

Seems the matter was reviewed and the White House decided today that it would nix the policy of staged photos for the Press.  For a minute there I though the AP was going to take a stand.  The White House did it for them.  Interesting enough, we are on the White House Press list, we did not get the “Memo” on the new Policy.

Caitlin Dickson over at the  The Atlantic Wire had this to say :

The President will no longer stage speech reenactments for still photographers, the White House decided today.
People were not pleased to hear that the photos of President Obama announcing Osama bin Laden’s death were actually taken after his original speech. The reenactment, a long-held White House tradition aimed at avoiding distracting the speaking president with noisy cameras, caused an unexpected furor last week when the Poynter Institute discovered that, despite AP and other news organizations printing captions to the photos that clarify they were taken after the announcement, 30 out of 50 front pages “used an AP, Reuters or Getty photo, credited appropriately, with a caption that implied or strongly suggested it was an image of the live address.” Poynter’s Al Tompkins, who conducted this research, argued last week that “It is time for this kind of re-enactment to end. The White House should value truth and authenticity.”

Read more at  The Atlantic Wire.

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