Zogby Poll: Cain Passes Christie Among GOP Primary Voters

UTICA, NY – Herman Cain leads Chris Christie as the top choice of Republican primary voters in the race for the 2012 Presidential nomination. Among all voters, no one in a list of 13 possible GOP candidates leads President Barack Obama. However, less than half of voters (42%) say Obama deserves re-election.

The results of a new IBOPE Zogby Interactive poll, conducted from May 20-23, show Cain, a businessman and radio talk show host who drew attention at the first party Presidential debate early this month, as the choice of 19% of GOP primary voters. Christie, the New Jersey Governor who led in our four previous polls, is second with 16%, followed by Mitt Romney in third with 11%.

Romney is now seen as a more acceptable candidate to Republican voters than he was in our interactive poll conducted from May 6-9. Then, 27% of GOP primary voters said they would never vote for Romney compared to just 9% who say so now.  Romney remains the candidate GOP voters believe most likely to be the nominee with 37%, and no one else gets more than 6%.

Christie does best in a match-up with Obama, but trails, 45%-44%. Obama leads both Romney and Tim Pawlenty by 45%-40%. Obama is ahead of Cain, 46%-38%.

Republican Primary Voters

If the Republican primary for President were held today, for whom would you vote?

Candidate GOP Primary Voters
Herman Cain 19%
Chris Christie 16%
Mitt Romney 11%
Ron Paul 9%

via IBOPE | Zogby IBOPE Zogby Poll: Cain Passes Christie Among GOP Primary Voters; No One in GOP Field Leads Obama.

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