Take that Mr President! House to block Obama from making recess appointments

Here is hoping Philip Klein source is correct:

Update: via @philipaklein –  Senate to hold Pro forma sessions on May 27th, May 31st, June 3rd to avert recess appointments.

A senior Republican Senate aide says that the House has indicated it will not agree to let the Senate leave for a full recess over Memorial Day in an attempt to block President Obama from making any appointments during the break next week.

Under the U.S Constitution, neither chamber can adjourn for more than three days unless both chambers agree to it.

When Democrats took over Congress in 2007, they held pro forma Senate sessions every three days during breaks to prevent President Bush from making any appointments, some of which lasted mere seconds.

This has not yet been confirmed by House GOP sources. Read more Philip Klein | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner.

GOP forces Senate pro-forma session, blocking Warren recess appointment

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) applauded the GOP action to ensure recess appointments would not take place.

“President Obama has been packing federal agencies with left-wing ideologues, but thankfully he won’t be able to for at least the next week. The House will not be sending an adjournment resolution to the Senate, we will remain in pro forma session, and no controversial nominees will be allowed to circumvent the confirmation process during the break,” DeMint said.

THe Senate adjourned at just after 8:34 p.m. and is set to return for a pro-forma session at 9:30 a.m. on Friday.

via GOP forces Senate pro-forma session, blocking Warren recess appointment – The Hill’s Floor Action.

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