Can you hang too many Patriotic flags? Florida Business gets Fined

If you are in Florida’s West Coast.. How about a Sub?  Taste of Philly Sub Shop has been cited for having too many flags outside of their business.  These overstepping ordinances are getting out of hand.  In an attempt to keep advertizing within limits the city has an ordinance to limit flags. Sounding like it is   Time for an amendment to that law.  Funny that the city has Flags on nearly every telephone pole in the main street of the town.

The Libertarian portion of my brain says  what is government doing telling a business how many flags they can display?

CRYSTAL RIVER – The bright yellow paint job on the Taste of Philly Sub Shop is hard to miss. But it’s not the eye-catching color that caught the attention of zoning inspectors. It was the flags flying on the west side of the building.

“The two Navy flags are my most special,” according to shop owner Linda Downey. “I have two sons service in the Navy right now.”

The Navy flags fly along side ones honoring the Army, Marines and Air Force. A MIA POW and American flag are also perched along side.

That’s a total of seven flags. According to Downey, she got a citation from the city explaining Crystal River allows only three flags one any single building.

Downey said the citation caught her by surprise. She had no idea the city had an ordinance limiting the number of flags. Then she walked around the corner and saw American flags on almost every telephone in downtown Crystal River. She was no longer surprised — she was a little annoyed.

So were some of her customers.

“I think it’s ridiculous, there is no common sense here,” Ed Sosa said. “I mean, look at the flags, they are all United States of America flags, for crying out loud.”

Downey says one of her sons is a Navy SEAL. It was a Seal team that killed Osama Bin Laden.

“If they (zoning officers) should to come down here and have lunch and take a look up there, they would probably thank that lady and tell her thank you,” an exasperated Wayne White said.

via Patriotic flags get business a citation.

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